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Tibet Shambhala Adventure Co. Ltd is a Tibetan-owned adventure travel company based in Lhasa. All our staff including the office workers, guides, drivers and cooks are Tibetans. We are enthusiastic and have a deep knowledge and understanding of our culture, religion and environment since all of us were born and grew up in Tibet. Tibet Shambhala Adventure will introduce you to the wondrous regions of Tibet and allow you to discover Tibet differently with more unique, authentic and localized experiences.
Tibet Shambhala Adventure was founded in 2000 and is a fully registered and internationally licensed Tibet adventure travel company under the administration of the Tibet Tourism Bureau and China National Tourism Bureau.
Our Tibet travel company specialises in trekking, Kailash adventure tours, Tibetan homestay treks, small peak climbing, motor biking, and mountain biking, plus tours of remoter and less visited parts of the Tibetan world. and We also offer unique, custom-made tours  and treks throughout Tibet for those who want to get off the beaten track, using horses or yak to carry the luggage. Our treks are accompanied by experienced Tibetan cooks who specialise in catering to foreign visitors.. Read More

Tibet Group Tour

For more than 17 years, we have been exploring every corner of Tibet in small group tours. Our Tibet group tour is limited to 12 people. Traveling in a small group tour allows us to provide the highest quality of service, while allowing our visitors to experience real discovery and friendship.. It can also benefit you to lower the Tibet tour cost by sharing with others.

Famous Tibet Trekking Tour

A place as vast and mountainous as Tibet offers almost unlimited potential trekking destinations. . The most famous Tibet trekking tours will give you an authentic venture to remoter, less visited parts of Tibet. This unforgettable Tibet tour is for those who want to take the road less traveled and use horses or yaks to carry the luggage instead of driving.

Tibetan Home Stay Tour

Kailash Tour

The sacred peak of Mount Kailash.
An extraordinary mountain in the heart of the world.
The best spiritual adventure.
A once in a lifetime journey.

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Most Popular Private Tibet Tour

Whether you are celebrating a special milestone or gearing up for an outdoor adventure, our private Tibet tour provides the personal support of our experienced Tibet travel agent and specialists. Your personal specialists will remain your point of contact throughout the entire planning process of your Tibet trip. They will help you to arrange the perfect Tibet travel experience for you and your group, making sure it's guaranteed to delight and surprise, while meeting your budget.

Unique, Authentic & Most Localized Tibet Travel Services

At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, your passion is what drives us. Whether you want to venture to the remoter part of Tibet which takes off the beaten track by using horse or Yak or by riding your own motor bikes or cycles. Whether you want to have a family adventure holidays with exotic and unique destinations.

Whether you want to have the world’s highest and most beautiful scenery train ride tour, starting from Xining. Whether you want to have the most colorful rich Tibetan festival tour which goes beyond your imagination with authentic local Tibetan experiences . Or perhaps you're interested in having a small adventure with Himalayan peak climbing. No matter your passion, our most knowledgeable Tibet travel agent and specialists will help experience the wonder and beauty of Tibet with an exceptional and unique itinerary.

Unique Tibet Adventure Tour

Anyone can dream of a unique Tibet travel experience. But it can be hard work to make it happen and to find a Tibet travel agent like Tibet Shambhala Adventure who truly specialises in unique, authentic and localized Tibet tours. At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, before we sell a trip to a customer, we explore and discover the less visited places in Tibet and get the deepest knowledge of the area to create a new unique adventure tour for our first time customers, partners and returned customers. We carefully select Tibet’s best unique adventure tour destination to find a perfect itinerary with special experiences and a once in a lifetime journey. For an exciting and memorable adventure, contact Tibet Shambhala Adventure today: +86-13908907271.

Eastern Tibet Tour

Tailor-Made Tibet Tour

Perfect holiday
Adventures of your dreams
Extraordinary experiences
Designed just for you

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