About Tibet Shambhala Adventure

Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Co. Ltd is a wholly Tibetan-owned adventure travel company based in Lhasa. All our staff — including the office workers, Tibet travel guides, drivers and cooks — are Tibetans. We are enthusiastic and have a deep knowledge and understanding of our culture, religion and environment since all of us were born and grew up in Tibet.
Tibet Shambhala Adventure was founded in 2000 and is a fully-registered and internationally-licensed adventure travel company under the administration of Tibet Tourism Bureau and the China National Tourism Bureau.

We are specialize in Tibet trekking, Kailash adventure tour, small peak climbing, motor biking and mountain biking. We also venture to remote, less visited parts of the Tibetan world or offer tailor-made unique Tibet tours or Tibet trekking tours throughout the region for those who want to get off the beaten track using horses or yak to carry the luggage. Our treks are accompanied by experienced Tibetan cooks who are accustomed to catering to foreign visitors. They can prepare Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and Western food as well as a beautiful birthday cake — even if we are far above sea level.
Unlike many other companies in Tibet, we cover not only the popular cultural highlights of Central Tibet, the road to Nepal and Mount Everest base camp from Lhasa, but also organize round- trips to any part of Tibet, including Mount Kailash and Eastern Tibet (Kham and Amdo). We can also organize long-distance one-way Land Cruiser trips from Lhasa to Kunming, Chengdu, Xining or Kashigar.
Our tours can commence in either in Lhasa itself or we can pick clients up from the Nepal border, Lhasa airport, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming or any other place in mainland China. We have partner agents in Kathmandu who can coordinate both land and air arrangements between Nepal and Tibet as well as obtain the necessary China Tibet visas and Tibet permits in Kathmandu.
Our company has had many years of experience in arranging all travel needs, including all the necessary Tibet permits and visa documentation.
We also arrange both domestic flights and train tickets out of Lhasa as well as international flight tickets out of China. We can also help tourists enter Tibet.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure is officially a five star-rated travel company approved by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and the China National Tourism Bureau.Tibet Shambhala Adventure is also an eco-friendly and responsible travel company. All of our previous customers have been very happy with the Tibet tour services we have provided.

We found it important that our Tibet tour and trek benefit the local community and have a limited impact on the environment. We have helped local younger generations continue their education at college and universities. We also try to help the local community as much as possible by operating a special Tibet tour that can visit local Tibetan handi capped schools.
We employ more than 50 local Tibetan staff members, including the office staff and field staff. We have 17 Tibetan tour guides and all of them speak perfect English and some of them also speak French very well. We are the only local-owned Tibet travel company that can provide French- and German-speaking guides.
We put our greatesteffort into buying insurance, including medical insurance, commercial insurance, pension insurance, and industrial injury insurance to all our staff.
We use local transportation of pack yaks and yak men or pack horse and horse men for the trekking area in Tibet as much as possible.
We use all local Tibetan-owned hotels, guest houses and restaurants during all our trips whenever possible.

As an eco-friendly and responsible Tibet travel company, we found that training our staff is one of the most important things we can do.
Ever since Tibet Shambhala Adventure was founded, we invited many of our business partners from Europe who have more than 40 years of experience in tourism experience. They have helped train our staff, especially the field staff on how to take care of the environment, how to bring the garbage back to the city from our remote adventure camping tour, how to love nature, how to provide the first-aid kit to the clients if someone is sick in the remote area.
We beganour most challenging training in 2002: the cooking training to the local Tibetan young boys who could not continue their studies after their primary or middle school because of their poor family financial problems. We spent a fairly large amount of money and in the beginning, we invited some Nepali sherpa cooks to give them basic training of pitching tents andserving clients at the field site.Later, we letthe first group of trainers work as an assistant cooking team by paying the same salary as other experienced assistants. In the winter time, we help them train in restaurants in Lhasa that serve continental food.
Our mission is to convince our customers to accept the local Tibetan cooking team for an adventure camping tour by realizing Nepali sherpa can fit into more than the Himalayan adventure camping tour.
Using a local Tibetan cooking team is good for path-finding and is an eco-friendly and responsible move by our travel company. We think that we have the responsibility to benefit the local community within the development of the tourism in Tibet.
In the beginning, our business partners and clients were reluctant to accept our offer. However, a couple of years of hard work paid off and business partners and their friends were invited along for a short adventure camping tour in Tibet with assistance from theTibetan cooking team. They finally understood that our Tibetan cooking team could not only serve even better continental food than the Sherpa cooks, but also could find a very nice camping spot and managing the trash in an eco-friendly and responsible way.
Since 2004, we have offered the local Tibetan cooking team to all of our adventure camping tours and all of our customers were very much satisfied with our team’s service. We also have a big French market; unfortunately we did not have any local French-speaking guides untill 2012. We always had to send one Nepali French-speaking guide with a local Tibetan English-speaking guide for our French groups since most of our French groups are older and they do not speak English well.
In 2010, Tibet Shambhala Adventure, Tirawa in France and Base Camp Trekking in Nepal have joined together and we have started the winter French training course to our English-speaking guides for free. We invited a very good French teacher from Alliance France in Nepal for the first year and have held the winter French training course in many years since with help from foreign teachers at a Tibetan university. Since 2013, we have had seven local French-speaking guides and we can just provide one local French speaking guide to our French groups.
Today, we are the only local Tibet travel company that canprovide local Tibetan French-speaking guides.
We are always very active and interested in joining different kinds of training, including the eco-tourism training organized by a Columbian university, responsible tourism training organized in Europe, several training efforts organized by ICIMOD and a number of other training programs organized by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and China National Tourism Bureau.

We have our own 3-story office in Lhasa with our restaurant and store rooms on the ground flooras well as offices on the first and second floor. Our branch office is in Nyingtri.


We have our own vehicle company under the management of Tibet Shambhala Adventure and we have many different kinds of vehicles including the latest Toyota Land Cruisers, vans, mini-vans, mini-buses and large buses.

We have all the necessary equipment for camping on both a small and large scale. We have many excellent tents for all extreme weather conditions. We have hundreds of tents, including both Tibetan- and western kitchen-style tents, dining tents, dome tents and large sleeping tents. We also have all the necessary tables, chairs, thick mattresses, pillows, hand washing taps and portable showers and toilets.
We also have a first-aid kit medicine box and oxygen cylinder available for every group. Additionally, a Gamowbag, both big and small oxygen cylinders, and a satellite phone for the remote adventure camping trek are also available.