Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour is one of the most popular Tibet travel tours that most of the travelers who plan a trip to Tibet choose to travel to Everest Base Camp from Tibet side. You can either plan your Tibet Everest base camp trek, coming from mainland China to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet or from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, and many travelers extend their trip to Tibet after their trip to Nepal. You can take a Tibet Nepal overland tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa via Everest Base camp Tibet, or you can fly to Lhasa and slowly start Tibet Everest Base Camp tour from Lhasa and on the way, enjoy one of the best landscape of Yamdrok Lake, Noejing Kangsang snow peak and Karola glacier. Visit the central cultural part of the western Tibet with Palchoe monastery in Gyantse and Tashi Lhunpo monastery in Shigatse which is the largest monastery in the western Tibet, and it is also the seat of the Panchen Lama.

Taking a Tibet Everest base camp tour is once in a lifetime journey, and it is worthy to have Tibet Everest base camp trek because the Everest view from Tibet Side is closer and more beautiful than the one that you can see from Nepal side. Another advantage of taking Tibet Everest base camp trek is because the road condition is far better from Tibet side and you can easily get to Everest Base camp Tibet from Lhasa with a perfect state of a paved road.

The scenery from Pangla pass is gorgeous and amazing that you will see several different 8000 mountain peaks from the top of the pass. You will have a beautiful panoramic view of Lhotse, Makalu, Everest, Jo Oyu. It is worthy to spend overnight in Rongbuk monastery which is 5km away from the present Everest base camp. You will have a great view of Everest Base Camp from the monastery and the most beautiful sunrise and sunset view of Mount Everest from Rongbuk monastery.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour is the Tibet tour, started from Lhasa. You will be traveling to Tibet either from Chengdu or Kathmandu by taking a beautiful Himalayan mountain flight in Tibet. You will have three days Lhasa city sightseeing tour. After that, you will be traveling to the Mount Everest Base Camp from Tibet side through the western Tibet. Mount Everest, the world's Number one peak, is just standing on the border of China Tibet and Nepal. In Tibetan, it is called Mount. Qomolangma. If you like to join our Mount Everest Group Tour from Lhasa, please go to Everest Base Camp Adventure Tour

On the way, you will cross several big mountain passes with the average elevation of over 5000m above sea level and some beautiful snow capped mountains. You will also drive along the Yamdrok lake with a great view of Noejing Kangsang snow mountain which is over 7000m. During your travel to Everest Base Camp in Tibet, you will visit the central part of the western region, known as Tsang region in Tibet. You will visit Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa which has more than 600 hundred years history and the Tashi Lhunpo monastery. Tashi Lhunpo monastery is the seat of the Penchen Lama and it is the largest monastery in the western Tibet with more than 600 hundred years history.