How to obtain visa

Almost all PRC embassies in foreign countries issue individual tourist visas for China , which can be used for Tibet also. At Chinese embassies in most countries you are typically given a 30 or 60 days visa.
Try and apply for a 60 day visa. Visas cannot be extended in Tibet , but can be easily extended in cities such as Chengdu , Kunming etc.
After you have obtained your visa, Happy Tibet Tours can arrange your Tibet entry permit and flight tickets (or road permits) in advance and deliver them to you in the city in China from which you are entering Tibet .
As per today’s regulation of P.R.C., you will not be able to obtain an ordinary individual tourist visa for China from the embassy in Kathmandu unless you have proof of an air ticket to a city within China such as Chengdu (that is, not to Tibet ).


If you want to travel to Tibet from Nepal , you must get a group visa from a travel agent in Kathmandu who will go to the Chinese embassy on your behalf. These ‘group’ visas typically cannot be extended once in Tibet/China.
N.B. If you intend to enter Tibet from Nepal you should not get a China tourist visa before you arrive in Nepal as it will be cancelled.
No matter how large or small your group or even you are one pax, Tibet Shambhala Adventure can arrange your group visa in Kathmandu through our affiliate agents there for up to 2 months duration, as well as the Tibet entry and road permits. The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu works for visa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only and normally we have to apply the visa on Monday and then get the visa on Wednesday or Friday.
N.B The visa fee in Kathmandu has been increased from this year. The new visa fee is as below:

Visa fee for Europeans and Asians:
Normal: US$ 58 ( need 1 week time to apply)
Urgent: US$ 80 ( need 3 days time at least)
Top urgent: US$ 114 ( same day)

Visa fee for Americans:
Normal: US$ 142 ( need 1 week time to apply)
Urgent: US$ 164 ( need 3 days time at least)
Top urgent: US$ 198 ( same day)