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With Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you can get all kinds of Tibet adventure tours, Tibet travel tours, Tibet trip, and Tibet trekking with the most authentic experience of Tibet travel service. You can get more than a hundred different Tibet tour packages from our website today and our local Tibet expert Tibet travel consultant team can design you any kinds of Tibet travel tours according to your request.

When you plan a Tibet tour, it is compulsory to have a Tibet guided tours because without a guide during your Tibet tour, first of all, you can not enter Tibet from airport or border and another important thing is you can not visit the most important scenic spots without a Tibet guided tours. It is also compulsory that a Tibet local agency take a Tibet local tour as they need to make Tibet travel permit for Tibet travel tours. But, if you are planning a Tibet tour to Kham, and further eastern part of Tibet and Amdo, the northeastern part of Tibet, you don’t need Tibet travel permit as these two regions of Kham and Amdo are under the administration of Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu province. So these regions are practicing the regulations under mainland China so you can just take a Tibet guided tours with China visa only.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure chooses the best and most comfortable hotels for your Tibet local tour and the best experienced local Tibetan guides for Tibet guided tours. With our long-term experience and the best knowledge of Tibet local tour, we arrange the best and most authentic Tibet tour itineraries. Tibet Shambhala Adventure organizes Tibet tour to every corner of Tibet including Kham and Amdo. We explore a lot of new Tibet travel destinations every year to provide new Tibet tour itineraries to our returned customers and our business partners. We also try our best to explore Tibet tour in the remoter area of Tibet and a Tibetan family visit Tibet tour in order to provide a more localized and authentic experience of Tibet travel tours.

As Tibet Shambhala Adventure specializes in Tibet adventure travel, we organize any kinds of Tibet trekking tours, Tibet adventure tour, Tibet motorbike tour, Tibet mountain bike tour, and Tibet peak climbing. With Tibet Shambhala Adventure, should you always feel confident and safe during Tibet guided tours because every Tibet tour and Tibet adventure tour are equipped well with first aid kit, oxygen cylinder, and Gamo bag in order to guarantee the Tibet adventure travel and Tibet tour run smoothly and successfully.

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A trip can be booked as far as six months in advance. We do not book more than six months ahead because of possibility of huge fluctuations in the international exchange rate.

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On cancellation, depending on time duration before the cancellation of the trip, cancellation charge will be charged. A trip can be postponed only up to 6 months at maximum and no further than that.

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The final payment must be done before the start of the trek. A full payment can be done on the time of booking or as late as after arriving in Kathmandu.

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On the home page of our website, under the section, company profile, all the legal documents are present.

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