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As the Tibet tour industry and facility has been rapidly developed, Tibet tour and traveling to Tibet is getting much easier and more popular. Traveling to the Himalaya Tibet is a destination with many attractions for visitors. The mountainous terrain of the Tibetan plateau presents the ultimate challenge for climbers, trekkers and adventurers. The power places and monasteries, sanctified by centuries of consummate meditation, inspire Buddhist pilgrims from all corners of the earth.
Tibet: Known as the High Plateau Land Of Snow is bordered to Neapl, Bhutan and India. The Buddhist Kingdom which has more than thousands years of history situated in it’s vastness mountains of the Himalaya and one of the world’s richest cultural site is a unique travel destination.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure provides all kinds of Tibet Tour, Tibet Travel, Tibet trekking, Tibet Adventure Travel including the central Tibet travel destination which is the cultural heart of Tibet, occupies the upper reaches of the Bharmaputra valley, It has some of Tibet's biggest farming lands and agricultural communities, as well as monasteries and temples of historic importance.
Lhasa , the capital city of Tibet lies on the Kyichu river with it’s greatest Potala, Palace, Jokang temple and Ancient Bharkor Bazzar. Gyantse and Shigatse are on the Nyangchu river, Tsetang on the Yarlung river and Kongpo on the Gyamda Nyangchu river. The high land of Utsang is bordered by the great Himalayan range including Mt Everest, to the south, all the way to Nyingtri, in the forested eastern region of Tibet.

The far western Tibet travel destination within the prefecture of Ngari and is the least populated part of Tibet. It comprises the great Changthang plateau as well as sacred Mount Kailash, (6714Meters) Rakas and Mansarovar lakes, Tholing monastery, and the ruins of the Guge Kingdom, Dungkar Peyang etc.
The wildlife of the Jangtang grasslands in northern Tibet and north eastern Tibet ( Amdo ) and the diversified flora of the Khampa gorges are a magnet for naturalists and Tibet natural tour.

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A trip can be booked as far as six months in advance. We do not book more than six months ahead because of possibility of huge fluctuations in the international exchange rate.

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On cancellation, depending on time duration before the cancellation of the trip, cancellation charge will be charged. A trip can be postponed only up to 6 months at maximum and no further than that.

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The final payment must be done before the start of the trek. A full payment can be done on the time of booking or as late as after arriving in Kathmandu.

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On the home page of our website, under the section, company profile, all the legal documents are present.

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