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Tibet Shambhala Adventure is the best Tibet local travel agency who has a great experience and the best knowledge for organizing Tibet trekking tour. Tibet is full of snow-capped mountains, huge plateau and green grassland, many beautiful forested gorges and lots of lakes and glaciers which are excellent resources of exploring different kinds of Tibet hiking tours and Tibet trekking tour.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure has more than 50 different authentic and unique trekking tours in Tibet, and we have more than 20 different well-known adventure travel companies from overseas countries who are working with Tibet Shambhala Adventure for Tibet trek tour.

We organize some of the unique and beautiful trekking tours in Tibet which have been less visited part of the Tibetan world. Kartha valley trekking and Labchikang Trekking are examples of some of our best Tibet trekking.

We organize Ganden to the Samey monastery for 4 days and continue Tibet trek tour to Yamdrok lake for three more days after visiting Samye monastery and Tsurphu to Yampachen trek and continue Tibet trek tour around Namtso lake for three more days.

We also organize Derge to Yilhun Lhatso which is one of the best Tibet hiking tours in the Kham region. This Tibet trek tour is started from Chengdu and overland to the central part of Kham where Derge and Kardze counties are. To take this trek Tibet, you don’t need Tibet travel permit since the entire region of the Tibet trekking tour is in Kardze prefecture of Kham region under the Sichuan province.

Another beautiful Tibet trekking is in Amnye Machen round trek which is started in Lanzhou or Xining in Qinghai province, driving to Gulok prefecture of Amdo in Qinghai province. And another beautiful Tibet trekking is in Nyenpo Yurtse lake in Amdo so for both of these two Tibet hiking tours you do not require Tibet travel permit too since the region is in Amdo under the Qinghai province.

Even though Tibet Shambhala Adventure has many exciting treks in Tibet and Tibet hiking tours, we always never stop of exploring new places with off the beaten trail and more remote location of the Tibetan world in order to provide the most authentic and new Tibet trekking tour to our returned customers and business partners. We want our clients to enjoy the best and more unique trekking tours in Tibet.

After 19 years of experience, today, Tibet Shambhala Adventure provides the best Tibet trekking equipment including member tents, dining and kitchen tents, toilet and shower tents are all famous outdoor branded equipment and annually, we give first aid training to our team members in the field by inviting some of the well experienced and famous foreign trekking and mountain climbing experts. All of our Tibet trekking tours are well equipped with necessary first aid kit, medical box, high altitude medicine, oxygen, and Gamo bag to make sure Tibet trek tour runs smoothly and successfully.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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A trip can be booked as far as six months in advance. We do not book more than six months ahead because of possibility of huge fluctuations in the international exchange rate.

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On cancellation, depending on time duration before the cancellation of the trip, cancellation charge will be charged. A trip can be postponed only up to 6 months at maximum and no further than that.

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The final payment must be done before the start of the trek. A full payment can be done on the time of booking or as late as after arriving in Kathmandu.

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On the home page of our website, under the section, company profile, all the legal documents are present.

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