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To make your travel to Tibetan land, you need a single entry China visa and Tibet travel permit. This Tibet travel permit is the key for all the international tourists to take their spiritual journey to the monastic land with its mountainous terrains. Through this permit you can tour everywhere in Lhasa with addition to its surrounding places. International tourists would require extra permits after they arrive in Lhasa which called Alien’s Travel Permit or people’s security permit, in order to visit the restricted areas such as Everest Base Camp, Samye Monastery, and Mount Kailash etc. This alien’s permit can only be made with your original passports once you arrive in Tibet.
Following content will provide you with a step-wise procedure so that you have complete knowledge of what has to be done to get Tibet travel permit and make your journey.

1.In order to get the Tibet travel permit, the primary prerequisite is a valid passport and a Chinese visa as it is with those that your application for permit will be initiated. The process will be much easier if you already possess these articles. However, if you do not have Chinese Visa, because you might be planning to travel from Nepal to Tibet, then you would be required to make a Group Visa application by getting in touch with the Kathmandu’s Chinese Embassy.

One thing you should keep in mind when you are planning to make your Tibet tour from Nepal is that before, you were only given China visa 15-20 days or only according to your Tibet travel program but nowadays you are allowed to have one month China group visa and with this China visa, you can easily extend your tour to mainland China and can be traveled to mainland China as well. Why it is called group visa is because the visa is given on the A 4 paper, not on your passport so even if you are alone to travel, the visa is still granted and it is yet called China group visa.

1.The Tibet travel Permit can only be applied via a local Tibetan travel agency through which you want to take a tour with. The permit also requires you to confirm your travel itinerary. The Tibetan travel agency you choose can provide you with an extensively defined itinerary and it’s up to you to confirm it. Your confirmation of the itinerary will be needed to proceed with the permit application.
Remember, it is not allowed for the foreigners to travel around via public transport outside the confines of Lhasa.

2.The travel agency will then ask you to submit your documents, such as copies of Chinese visa and your passport. You will be notified to submit additional documents in case you are travelling with working or student visa.
It is because of the additional permits, that you will be required to confirm your itinerary should you want to continue your tour outside Lhasa.

3.After you have submitted all the required documents and confirmed your itinerary, the only thing left to do for you is to ensure receipt for your permit that will be sent to your address of the mainland China hotels, booked by you or mainland China travel agents, chosen by the local Tibetan travel agency.

1. It is very important to send the right and valid passport copy when you send your Tibet trip confirmation to your local Tibetan travel agent because according to the first sent document, the local Tibetan travel agent start your Tibet travel permit process. In the mean time, you make sure not to change a new passport and get China visa on the new passport without informing your local Tibetan travel agent. If you changed a new passport and get a China visa without informing your local Tibetan travel agent, your Tibet travel permit was issued on the old passport which gives you a big trouble that you can not board the flight from mainland China since your passport number is different on your Tibet travel permit since the old passport number is written on your Tibet travel permits, not the new passport number.

2.If you recently have been to middle east for traveling and have more than two countries visa on your passports such as Iraqi, Iranian or Afghanistan visa, the chance of getting visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu Nepal is very difficult so you are highly recommend to enter Tibet from mainland China and apply your China visa to the Chinese embassy in your own country prior to your trip to Tibet so that you will already have known whether you are getting China visa or not from your own country before leaving.

If you do not wish to wait around then you need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit at least before three weeks of your arrival to China, as the travel agencies require at least 15-30 days to get you the permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau and to get it posted to your address. If you want more information about China visa and Tibet travel permit, please visit permit & visa.

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