Tibet Travel Permit

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At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, we organize Tibet group tour for more than three hundred Tibet groups coming from different parts of the world. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is an officially registered under the administration of Tibet tourism Bureau for our China inbound tour license and under the administration of China National Tourism Board for our outbound tours so with our many years of experience and effort in arranging Tibet travel permit and Tibet group visa, we can guarantee your Tibet travel permit on time.

As a tourist who is planning a trip to Tibet through online, We think it is essential for the travelers to check online that the so-called Tibet local agencies whether they have official Tibet travel agency certificate or not, which has to be given by the Tibet Tourism Bureau with the exact company registered name and website name.

For Example, Tibet Shambhala Adventure Co. Ltd is our officially registered name and our name as Tibet Shambhala Adventure is in our certificate with the stamp of China National Tourism Board and our website name is also the same as our certificate name. So when we make the Tibet travel permit, we are working directly with Tibet Tourism Bureau and other related government office departments, in this way, we can guarantee you to get Tibet travel permit and can update you with any kinds of new information relating Tibet travel permits and Tibet group visa.

Be careful when you book a Tibet tour online because many of the websites who sell Tibet tours are not registered Tibet travel companies. These websites buy the Tibet tour permit from the registered Tibet travel companies. So be aware when you make a Tibet tour booking with these type of sites, it is hazardous and risky for you. Therefore, it is essential to ask them to provide you with the Tibet travel company certificate which is written in English. If the name of the document is different than the website, they are surely not a registered company, and in this case, you need to be very careful.

Getting Tibet group visa is for the tourists who are coming from Nepal to Tibet. If you first fly to Nepal and then plan to travel to Tibet, you must get a Tibet group visa from the Chinese embassy in Nepal. You should not obtain the China visa from the Chinese embassy in your own countries. When we mention Tibet group visa, you might get confused that you might need more than five people to join with you for Tibet tour, but actually, it is not necessary to have that many people to get Tibet group visa. You can get Tibet group visa and Tibet tour permit for a single person as well. Why it is called Tibet group visa is because it is given on an A4 paper, not on your passport.

Many tourists are confused with Tibet travel permit, and Tibet travels visa. When you travel to Tibet from any cities in mainland China, you are compulsory to obtain your China visa first from the Chinese embassies in your own countries, and it is called China visa, not Tibet travel visa. Since Tibet is also under China, the same China visa can be used for your Tibet travel. Once you get a China visa, you need to send it to your Tibet local agency to get your Tibet tour permit or Tibet travel permit. It is not called a Tibet travel visa. There is only one China visa for both mainland China and Tibet.

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