Travel to Tibet in Spring

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Through the window, the most attention- grabbing is the sliver, snow-topped mountains on the opposite, which seems so attractive, contrasting with the blue sky. There are more tourists who travel to Tibet in spring because unlike previous years, there seems much more snowfalls in Tibet, which always gives people unexpected pleasure, a beautiful view of snow-capped landscape greeting the people from the lawn and pine trees in the park and you can always come across the picture that religious Pilgrims are walking on the spotless road, turning the prayer wheel while chanting.
In spite of the low temperature, they are excited because of their religious hearts. When Tibet is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the view of the holy Potala Palace, particularly the landscape after snowing. Even the most beautiful picture of Potala Palace cannot present its charm, because its fleeting beauty exists only by chance.
In this season, there are many chances to encounter the snow-covered landscape if people travel to Tibet in Spring. Even though it is a fine night, there is probably white snow everywhere. It is the right time to trek to the Square of the Potala Palace to come across the beauty. There the peace, quiet square, majestic Potala Palace and beautiful snow in the sunshine form a charming snow scene with the dark blue sky and the lofty snow-covered mountains.
Life exists in a process of discovering beauty, and every kind of beauty also has its unique charm. However, what the snow scene in Tibet presents to the people is not amazing grace, not only magnificence and dignity, but a touching beauty, which is harmonious beauty with touiching the sky, human beings and the nature. Without the hustle and bustle from first-tier cities, Lhasa, a city of sunlight, makes people not only enjoy the sunshine, but also keep a religious, kind heart, because trekking in Tibet could make people forget the competition and troubles from workplace in a short time. In spring, the season that everything comes to life, you can’t wait to travel to Tibet in spring for a relax and give yourself a room for reclaim the soul.
Tibet is a place that can only be experienced but cannot be imagined. However, for many people, Traveling to Tibet is only a “someday” that could be never realized. It is better to travel here in this snowy spring than to admire and dream of coming here. After all, life should have less hesitation and be full of adventure. The people who have been to Tibet could learn that what they pursue is not only successful career, lots of money and romantic love, but also a senses of holiness and adventure from Tibetan nature. Travel to Tibet in Spring will share the peace from the city of sunshine and the unpredictable weather in a day with you and make you experience the honesty and simplicity of Tibetan counties and towns. Moreover, it will give you an unforgettable experience that you can feel the unique excitement from Everest Base Camp and have a great view of the dark blue holy lakes so that your heart will be purified and be natural. Just looking at the religious gazes of pilgrims could be enough to make people have strong feelings, although you are not the one of them. In addition, enjoying the unique culture of Tibet and the residence that is other than the stereotyped buildings of plain regions are also a nice experience.
If traveling to Tibet is a kind of belief, or if you are eager to come here, don’t think too much and just travel to Tibet in Spring to encounter the beauty at the high elevations. You can wait for enjoying the sight of the first ray of dawn with your partners in the Potala Palace Square and pray by the lakes and enjoy the majestic mountains at the foot of the Mt. Everest. The ripples blown by the winds in the Namtso lake and the silver-dragon-like Carola glacier on the way to Shigatse are both gained. There are so many tourists who indulge in pleasures of the fascinating Yamdrok lake. On the way to Gonggar airport, you can also overlook the Yarlung Tsangpo river while touching the cool breeze over your ears, which is an enjoyment in both vision and sense.
Perhaps the snacks in Tibet is not a patch on the delicacies from those well-developed cities, but they are unique thanks to their own culture with the plateau characteristics. Hence trying sweet tea, buttered tea and the special Tibetan noodles is an experience that should not be missed. To taste Tsampa or dried Yak meat and a bowl of barley wine is so wonderful. If there is enough time, you can also try the Yoghourt.
Then it is significant to breathe in the cool air from the plateau, wait for the charming sunrise again on the top of the Mount Kailash with a panoramic view, follow the Tibetans to walk on the ritual walk path, taking a round and round, and whispering the religious Buddhist terms. Before leaving Tibet, don’ t forget to take photos with the kind, hospitable Tibetan friends, and then engrave their strange but smiling faces on your mind. If possible, girls could have an experience of wearing the Tibetan costumes and at least you are the most beautiful Galsang flower on the plateau.
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